Zhejiang Province Shaoxin city prints the pot factory made of CO.,LTD.pot factory , lie Zhejiang Province Shaoxing city by the beautiful Cao EJiang, the west adjoin Shaoxing scenic spot East Lake, the south connect 104 national road with, Jing by the gold bus stop Xiao highway Xiao, the traffic is very convenient, is a private proprietorship. Specializing in all kinds of tinplate pots, the main products have: Tea pack pot , food packing pot , chemical paint pot , thermos , stationery ,etc., various in style.

   Our factory established in 1982, covered an area of about ten thousand square meters. Have annual output several 6 thousand production capacity, have semi-automatic to print iron print stamp the assembly line, one an organic whole of regarding printing irons, making the pot as, offer to the masses of customers from intention , design to customize , making to order the manufacturer of a connected sequence. The products have good quality, full service.
   Our factory serves society wholeheartedly, welcome the presence of every new patron .

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