Our company follows “the quality to be supreme, the service is supreme, the good
 communications” the consistent objective, take satisfies the general customers the  demand as an own duty, pursues the most perfect craft standard and the grade of
  service,  in unceasing connects rails diligently with the world. partial cases:
 Tea packing: Yingtai shunhao、Juenongshunhao

 Tea type pot: Zhejiangdaxue

 Craft pot: Waimaogongsi

 Candle pot、Ice bucket and so on: Waimaogongsichukou

 Food pot: Moon cake box----Shaoxing xianheng youxian gongsi and so on
            Medical gallipot and so on

 Paper barrel: Yiyaohuagongbaozhuang、Shangyu hangzhouwan jingxi huangong yuanqu

 Chemical fiber can: Longshun youxian gongsi、Runtu youxian gongsi and so on

 Quality supreme、Serves supremely、Transportation convenience

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